11 Tips How To Live A More Authentic Lifestyle.

For me, living an authentic lifestyle has always meant staying true to myself and doing things that I feel are in alignment with my feelings, and to what truly feels right to me.

In the past, I used to feel so much pressure to fit in, both based on my physical appearance and personality-wise too. Now I can truly say, that I have learned so much in the past few years and it is so relieving and cool to feel more like myself.

And I would love to share with you 11 tips on how you can move forward towards embracing your authentic self.

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1. Trust yourself.

When you have a serious life decision to make or even something so simple as to decide what to do with your hair, do you ask for someone else's opinion? If yes, then truth is, you don't trust yourself enough.

Throughout our lives, we are so used to ask for other people's opinions on almost anything.

When it comes to any life decision or even a decision that is about us, often our thought is to ask for our closest one's opinions rather than listen to ourselves.

At the end of the day, it's your life, it's your body and you have all the answers you need. If you don't have, learn how to receive any information with an open mind and a will to listen to your gut. The only person who will do what is best for you is going to be you. Listen to your intuition and start trusting yourself more.

2. Discover Yourself.

I truly believe everyone has a huge potential in them to achieve what their heart desires it just needs to be discovered.

One of the best ways how to discover more about yourself is to journal - create vision boards, reflect on your life, write down your goals that you have achieved, or things that you love at that certain time. Throughout the years you will be amazed about how much this kind of information can tell about your growth.

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3. Fall In Love with Yourself.

Embrace yourself and your body that you already have. Everything about you is so unique and when you realize it - it is such an amazing feeling.

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4. Follow Your Intuition.

Have you ever encountered a situation where after falling asleep in the car you only wake up when you have arrived home without anyone disturbing your sleep? I think this is a great example of your intuition telling you that you have reached your destination.

On most occasions, we already feel when something is right or wrong, we just have to listen.

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5. Be Open to new possibilities and perceptions.

Explore new lifestyles that you are interested in (that could potentially be beneficial to your well being), experiment with different fashion styles, and discover what style and the environment make you feel the most comfortable in.

If you are looking for exploring different fashion styles - try thrifting, it is an amazing way how to try many different clothes in one place, great price, and also better for the environment.

6. Don't be afraid to take your path alone.

This was something that I was afraid of when I first started to work on my ideas and I felt like nobody gets my vision as I do. The feeling of not being understood almost made me question the life path I was going to take.

After I realized that we all have our own perceptions - I took a leap of faith and went for it. I couldn't be genuinely happier that I made my choice to do what I am doing now, because of how much joy and personal growth my brand has brought me.

The most powerful advice I have ever heard ''Don't take criticism seriously from someone you wouldn't go for advice''. This advice changed my life and how I perceive someone else's opinion when it comes to my ideas.

7. Do Good.

Be a good human and don't do anything you would not want to receive back. Simple as that.

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8. Grow through what you go through.

Don't let obstacles stop you from reaching your full potential and live your best life. Try to find positive ways how to get through difficult situations.

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9. Be with people who you feel most comfortable with.

Choose people who choose you and love you as You. Don't waste your time with someone who doesn't accept you being yourself. Imagine how many people are out there in the world and how many possible friendships you can create, it's time to find your tribe.

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10. Do What Makes You The Most Happiest Person in The World.

Prioritize your energy towards activities that you genuinely enjoy doing. Listen to your intuition about what feels good for you and what's not and try to start doing it more often.

11. Let go of other people's expectations of you.

There will always be someone who doesn't understand your point of view, and why you like certain things because that person has a different perception of it.

Very often we all tend to tell our opinions to someone without realizing the fact that everything we say reflects on ourselves and any of it is nothing to do with other individuals. There is not a single meaning of how does it feel like to love somebody or how does it feel like to be happy. It means differently for everyone. So, it's time to let go of other people's expectations of you and what kind of life you must live.

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