2 Powerful and Easy Techniques to Stop Negative Thinking.

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

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Today I decided to share a few of my personal ways I use whenever a negative thought or situation appears. They are simple yet powerful techniques that can immediately switch your negative thoughts to positive ones.

1. Immediately stop any negative thought by telling yourself ‘’Okay, think positive!’’

Repeat it more than once and take a deep breath. Just try it without overthinking it too much and you will already feel the difference. If you think it's ridiculous while trying it, let me tell you. It is still going to be more beneficial than negative thinking, because while you think it's not working for you - you have already reduced stress and turned your thoughts in a different direction without even realizing it.

Example. You have received a test you forget to study for. So, you check the tasks and realize that you have no idea about any of them. Instead of starting to stress out or panic, tell yourself this instead ‘’Okay, let’s stay positive. I will do my best and if I won’t pass it - everything is going to be okay.’’ Take a deep breath and try to write as much as you can.

Positive thinking will not only help you to stop stressing too much about not passing the test but it will also help you to concentrate more on it and relax your mind as well as your body.

2. If the first technique doesn’t work for you - try to visualize a positive outcome.

Example. You got in an argument with someone close to you and there is a confrontation coming. Instead of stressing out, try to visualize that everything will be okay. Visualize how you and the person you have a conflict with are talking things out and ending the conversation on a good note.

Nothing ever goes well if both parties are stressed and angry with each other, so calming yourself down before the confrontation could be a great way how to positively talk things out. This technique will also help you:

  • to calm your nervous system,

  • to increase a chance of positive outcomes.

Here are some other tips that might help you to learn positive thinking:


At the end of the day, we all have our own choices, perspectives, and opinions. I’ve been using these ways naturally for a very long time so it might feel difficult for some, but I suggest you try them out, and see how it works. If you feel better, less stressful or more positive - please let me know, I would love to hear your experience.

Also, if you are a huge book lover like me, here are some interesting books about positive mindset to check out, like The Power of Positive thinking, A Year of Positive Thinking: Daily Inspiration, Wisdom, and Courage and The Positive Shift: Mastering Mindset to Improve Happiness, Health, and Longevity.

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Have an amazing day! 💛


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