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2 Real-Life Good Karma Stories | How to attract good karma?

At this chaotic time, I think it is very important that we stay positive and focus on our health and overall well-being, instead of focusing on the stress and negativity.

The stress and panic won’t help, it will only weaken our immune system and that is the last thing we should do.

Most of my life, I have believed that the actions and thoughts we put out into the universe are what we receive back - like in that saying ‘’what goes around comes around’’. The reason is that I have a lot of my own real-life karma stories that have left me surprised at how fast they come back to me. A few of them I want to share with you today.

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Story 1

One day, on my way to the dorm I went into the shop and when I walked out of it there was an old lady in the wheelchair. Next to her was a dish with just a few cents in it. I don’t know if she was homeless or not, but I gave her a few euros and went to the dorm. This is not the first time I have given money to the people in the streets, but definitely the one I will remember the most because of the good karma I received a few days after it.

A few days later I had a plan to meet with one of my classmates at the time because we had some event to attend together. While we were waiting for another public transport, I realized that I have left my public transport card in the public toilet place earlier that day. Usually, when I go there it is full of people so I was starting to accept the fact that I won't get it and that I'll have to go create a new one.

Public transport is not a cheap option without having a student card, especially if you have to use it more than once in a day. I had to use it at least 2 times that day. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t feel like it was the end of the world, but the situation itself was unpleasant and left me a little bit worried because if I remember right I didn’t have enough money to spare extra for new tickets as I did put into my student public transport ticket. Although I always choose to think positively I was kind of accepting the fact that I'll have to go create a new one. After a few minutes, I received a message from a woman who worked there. She wrote that she found my card and later that day I got it. You can say that it was just a coincidence, but if you really think about it, the card was left in a public place where a lot of people go to and It was a miracle that nobody took it because the drive with public transport is a lot cheaper with that card. I would never blame or hate on someone if the card would be taken, but I was really happy that it was found.

Story 2

This story happened a few months ago when I was on my way to meet my family for a few days. On my way, there was a woman who sat next to me and started to communicate with me. Further into communicating with her she told me that she doesn’t know when and where to get off the bus. As I helped her she said that she was so happy that she met me and said she doesn't know what she would do If I wasn't there. It was such a nice and positive moment and I was so happy that I could help her.

A few days after, when I had to go back home abroad, my mom was taking me to the airport and on our way there the car’s tire burst and we had to stop. At first, we didn’t know what was the problem and there was this smell, that I and my mom got really scared of and I took my brother as fast as I could and got out of the car. Then we realized that the tire was burst and got back into the car. We called a taxi. The taxi driver was so kind and nice, not only he drove me to the airport but he helped my mom with the tire. He even lowered the price for the drive. He was so helpful that he even called his friend to get the stuff so he could help with a tire change because my mom didn’t have it in her car.

I have so many more stories related to this topic, and what I have realized is that there are two things in common in terms of receiving good karma and how have I unintentionally attracted it:

  1. Whenever I have helped someone I have never had an intention to expect to receive something positive in return. I do it because I genuinely like to help;

  2. I am always grateful for everything I have in life, the good and even the bad because in every bad thing there is something positive.

As I always say, at the end of the day we have our own perceptions of life, beliefs and anything else and there is nothing wrong with having different perspectives, instead, it is our uniqueness and we should never feel ashamed of it.

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Sending you a lot of positive vibes in this chaotic time and I hope you will have an amazing day! 💛

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