3 Steps How to ALWAYS find something Positive in a Negative situation.

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''Try to stay positive.'' - a phrase that you have probably already heard dozens of times. There are so many theories around positive thinking, some people even consider it as a toxic way how to deal with negative situations. And the truth is, it can be toxic only if it is being used as a way to avoid problems and not working on the solution, but it can also be a life-changer.

Here is how to always find something positive in a negative situation so that you can maintain your well-being.

1. Start with reflecting on Why you have a tendency to think negatively.

On most occasions, we already know the things, situations, or certain behaviors that trigger us, but there can be times when you either don't recognize it or you keep willing to have a negative mindset.

Please, answer the following questions:

  • Why do you want to think negatively?

  • Does a negative way of thinking is helping you in any way to make a better change in your life?

  • Why do you let negative thoughts impact your health and perception of your life and others?

If there is no positive answer to any of these questions, there is nothing good behind a negative way of thinking, and it doesn't benefit you at all. It might seem obvious, but at the same time, speaking from experience - when being under a negative thinking bubble, you don't even try to think about these questions. You don't even give a second thought of changing your thoughts to positive, even though it's clear as a day that there is nothing beneficial about negative thinking.

If this is not the case, you don't want to think negatively and the reason behind this way of thinking is because you have experienced a tragic event which makes positive thinking a lot harder, then the next step is your recommended starting step.

2. Focus on Solution rather than The Problem.

When dealing with a tragic event or a very traumatic experience, the key to positive thinking is the focus on the solution, which in this case means to focus on positive ways how to deal with these experiences.

Questions that can be useful:

  • What can you positively do to start working on the solution?

  • What can help you to deal with it? (relaxing activity, a friend, a nap, a therapist etc.),

  • Try to think of every possible way how things can go right, instead of how things may go wrong.

📌Important: Whatever it is that makes you personally feel happier, more relaxed and in a more calming state of mind - is what can help you to focus on the solution (positive way of dealing) instead of the problem (negative impact on your well being that can be the result of focusing on too many negatives of the situation and everything that is going wrong) and help you to get through the difficult times.

3. Take small moments to realize what is good in your life.

Is there something you are grateful for? What is the most exciting thing that has ever happened to you? The most beautiful view? The meme that made you laugh? Best and funniest memories you have with your friends? Try to focus more on the positivity you have experienced in your life and you will realize that there is so much more to be positive about.

I hope you have an amazing day and I want to remind you that whatever difficulty you are currently going through - you are more powerful and capable of getting through it more than you can even imagine. Stay strong and give yourself a credit for trying! 💛

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