4 Ways to Boost Your Confidence. (Instantly)

Let's get straight to the ways.

My first recommendation for you is to...

1. Find your passion.

By that I mean find something that you truly believe in and that you have faith in it.

The feeling of doing something you love and working on it can make you feel a lot more confident in yourself.

I feel like there is no coincidence that you stumbled upon this blog post at this time - it is a sign for you to follow your passion or, if you don't have it yet, it means you will find it.

If you are interested in free online courses, I recommend you to try Skillshare.

Which is a great platform, full of many different online courses that could help you to start your journey towards finding your passion.

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When you find something you feel like it's yours. It’s an amazing feeling and it can really make you feel good about yourself.

Don’t get discouraged about the fact that there are a lot of different things people are already doing. I believe we all have something we can bring to the world to make it a better place.

2. Visualize yourself being confident and listen to upbeat songs.

There is something about listening to upbeat songs. I can’t explain, but whenever I listen to them, it feels like I already have achieved a list of things that are on my mind.

Turn on your favorite music, visualize yourself being and feeling like a confident person, and see how it manifests.

3. When someone is pointing at your mistakes or your appearance, respond with - so what.

If someone is telling you that you look silly or weird, that's on them, because that's their perception of that particular thing you are wearing.

This one is inspired by Salma Hayek. In one of her interviews, she talked about owning your actions and not letting others use your mistakes to overpower you or bring you down. By using the phrase - so what. Simple as that.

The important thing to understand with this phrase is that you are not agreeing to those negative claims that are being thrown at you. You are accepting it in a careless way and destroying it at the same time not throwing negativity back to the person who said that. That is a powerful and positive move to stop any negative conversation to evolve and make you feel more confident instantly!

You can also use this phrase in other situations like when something awkward happens and you have that dialogue in your head that doesn’t help you to feel better at all - accept the situation carelessly and use this phrase with confidence.

It can be a game-changer, especially for those who are overthinkers, introverts, and clumsy individuals - like me.

4. Wear what YOU love, not what others would love for you to wear.

I have always thought that clothes can empower you and help you to embrace the confidence that is already inside of you.

The moment when someone else decides for you what you should wear and how you should look is the moment when you can lose a part of yourself, your identity and your uniqueness.

There is a difference between someone recommending you new outfit ideas or someone dragging you down in a humorous way by telling you that the clothes you like and wear don't look good on you. Remember that is their perception - you have your own.

I would love to hear your thoughts on any of the ways I have mentioned in this post. Feel free to leave them in the comments down below.

Stay true, stay you, stay positive! Have a great week! :))

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