6 Self-Care Apps to Help You Improve Your Well Being.

Happy Sunday! As the weekend is very close to the end, it's time to do something relaxing and calm your mind from all the things you have done and thought about throughout the week. So, that you feel recharged for the next week ahead.

There are unlimited ways how you can take care of yourself, both mentally and physically - you just have to find time for it.

As we are constantly in a rush, it is so easy to forget to take time to be more in a present moment, be mindful and relax your mind. So, here are 6 self-care apps that can make self-care much easier and available to do at any time and place you are.

1. Uplifter

Uplifter mobile app can help you to train a positive mindset via gratitude and positive psychology exercises. Plus you can track your daily mood, get motivation through daily prompts, quotes, and more.

2. Happify

Happify can help you to overcome negative thoughts and stressful life challenges by offering you effective tools and programs.

3. Morning! - A 5 Minute Journal

The Five Minute Journal app can provide you with daily exercises to help you feel more in a present moment. This is a great way how to practice gratitude especially if you are very busy and your mind is constantly full of to do's and ideas.

4. Yoga Studio: Mind & Body

Yoga Studio app provides you with a big list of different yoga exercises that are easily attainable even if you have just begun your yoga journey. All their classes come with full HD videos, and also teacher commentary that is easy to follow.

5. Happy Not Perfect

Happy Not Perfect app is designed to make you feel good from the inside out. It also encourages you to check in with yourself, take breathing exercises, practice compassion, and look after your mind more positively.

6. Breethe: Meditation & Sleep

If you have trouble sleep or you are currently struggling with stress, Breethe app can help you to get back on a happier state of mind. It offers guided meditations for real-life situations, music for every mood, and a lot more.

If you use any app for improving your well being please share your thoughts down below. Happy Sunday everyone! 💛

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