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Due to the current situation, we are all in right now I created a positivity challenge that I hope in the result will make your day more positive or make you feel better.

Negativity, stress or panic won't help us to improve our immune system, it will only weaken it and that is the last thing we should do.





DAY 1 - Practice Gratefulness.

A lot of negativity comes from not being able to get something, at the same time ignoring the things you already have. So, instead of focusing on the things you don't have, focus on the things you do have and appreciate them. Gratitude is a positive beautiful thing to have.

DAY 2 - Focus on Positive Thinking.

I highly recommend you to check out these articles that are related to positive thinking and how to stay positive based on my own personal experiences:

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How Negative Mindset Affects Your Body Image?

DAY 3 - Declutter.

It is a very overwhelming feeling to have so many things, that easily get out of place, so declutter the things you don't need or haven't used for a long time and probably won't use it anyway and free up space for new things.

You don't have to do it all in one day, you can start with just a few things, for example, put some stuff in the box and donate or sell them later.

DAY 4 - Help and Support those in need.

If you know someone who needs some support, please help them. Moral support counts. We are all in this situation together and supporting each other is the best way how we can get through this time of crisis.

I have seen a few videos and read stories about older people who have left the shop with no food and it breaks my heart. When you are thinking about buying 5 pieces of bread or toilet paper, consider that there are people who live far from the store or don't have any of it.

I also want to bring awareness to bullying. Yesterday I stumbled upon a video where one girl was in tears and said that she got bullied about spreading virus just because of her ethnicity and that is not okay. If you see someone in that situation, please don't keep scrolling, but stand up for the victim of bullying.

DAY 5 - Do Something Good for Your Body.

It is so important that we take care of our health, especially at this time. I know it is also important that we do that every day, but what I also know is that when staying at home, it is easy to spend hours just watching movies or shows without giving effort to the things that can benefit our health, so make something healthy for yourself or exercise.

DAY 6 - Spread Positivity.

We must be aware of our actions and spread positivity instead of panic. There are different ways how to spread positivity, for example creating a positive post on social media or when talking to someone about the crisis, try to uplift the other person.

DAY 7 - Do Something Creative.

Due to the fact that it is recommended that we stay at home, we have more time to do something creative.

Here are some ideas:

  • Draw something that first comes up on your mind,

  • Try a DIY project,

  • Create a short video, a funny vlog and send to your friends,

  • Learn a dance,

  • Try a new ''stay at home'' look.

Most importantly, have fun!

I hope this challenge will make your daily life more positive and I wish you to keep adapting positivity into your life after the challenge. Stay safe, wash your hands, stay hydrated and healthy and stay positive! 💛

If you have joined the challenge, please use the hashtag #positivitychallenge💛 and let me know how it went.

#positivitychallenge #positivity #positivevibes

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