7 Fun Quarantine ideas on How to Celebrate Christmas.

This year we will have to celebrate Christmas differently - more cautiously. But it doesn't have to break our Christmas spirit because there are many ways how we can have a great time at home with our loved ones. Keep reading to find out some ideas you can add to your list for Christmas celebration.

Photo by Marko Klaric

1. Try new Christmas traditions and superstitions

Lookup Christmas traditions and superstitions to try out. I am a believer in superstitions as there are quite a few that I constantly experience myself, so I always get very excited to check new ones online the day before Christmas.

2. Host a Christmas-themed Zoom party

Create a Christmas-themed Zoom party with your loved ones or friends you cannot meet due to current events.

Photo by Ekaterina Bolovtsova

3. Surprise your loved ones with Positive future predictions

Write down positive future predictions on small papers for yourself and your family and get creative with the choosing process. For example, let your loved ones choose a cup or put the predictions in the Christmas tree balls.

4. Watch a Christmas movie that you haven't seen yet

Find an unseen Christmas movie and choose a character ''that you are going to be''. It's important to choose a movie that you haven't seen yet because then it will be more interesting to watch. I have been doing this with my very good friend many times, and we always end up laughing and having a great time.

5. Create a Christmas Vlog

Create a fun vlog of your Christmas celebration, capturing special moments that you can share with your friends later.

Photo by ATC Comm Photo

6. Do Karaoke

Remember, this is not meant as a singing competition. Have fun with it!

7. Play a Guessing game with a small prize

Play a guessing game, guess the Christmas song/movie/character, and the person who wins gets a small prize, such as one candy or a piece of heart-shaped gingerbread. There are so many great videos on Youtube where you can find different guessing videos.

I hope you found something interesting to add to your Christmas celebration list and remember to stay safe! Happy holidays!

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