7 Positive Online Sources to Brighten Up Your Day.

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

Due to the current event, I think it's so important to stay positive for our well-being. One way how to do it is to follow positive online sources.

I looked up other positivity based platforms to show you that not all news is bad, there are many blogs, websites, online magazines and forums that are all about bringing more light into this world by spreading positivity.

So, if you are looking for some daily dose of positivism online here are 7 websites that are all about the good vibes.

1. Good News Network.

Broadcasting good news since 1997.

2. Positive News.

A magazine about the positive and good things that are happening around the world. They publish daily news and the magazine is being published quarterly in print.

3. Power of Positivity.

News and media website. Their mission is to provide people with daily inspiration, motivation, and tools to improve your life and make you live happier.

4. The Daily Positive.

An online environment for positive-minded people to connect and gain inspiration to live a better life. Every month they contribute towards charities to support humanity.

5. Beutiful.

An empowering and educational online magazine that celebrates women's bodies and self-love.

6. But First, Joy.

A blog about joy and positivity, founded by self-love advocate, mother, and influencer Joyce Santos.

7. ''Positivity, a place for love and optimism'' forum on Reddit.

If you are not familiar with Reddit, it is a platform that consists of different forums where everyone is able to share what is on their mind and discuss it with others.

In this particular forum, you can get some dose of positivity from other people or share some positive vibes yourself.

I know this blog post is the shortest one yet, but I just wanted to make sure that in this time where it's easier to see more negative news than positive, you know there are as many positive news out there that will make you feel better. I hope everyone is safe and staying at home and let me know your thoughts in the comments down below. ✨

If you want to explore other positive online sources, I recommend you to check out Top 50 Positivity blogs list.

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