7 Ways How to Discover Yourself – Find your Purpose.

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

I have always loved to take different personality tests because the thought about self-discovery has always amazed me. I think there is so much more to us than we think and believe there is. Have you ever wondered about why do we encounter certain paths or professions? Is it just a coincidence or is it something that is going to lead us to our life purpose? These kinds of thoughts are often on my mind because I truly believe that there are no such things as coincidences.

Here are 7 ways how to discover more about yourself and help you to go after the life you dream of:

1. Take Personality tests.

My personal favorite - a FREE online personality test that you can find on www.16personalities.com. Every time I take this test, the result is so accurate. It gives you such a great description of your personality, work environment, habits, relationships and, etc.

I think we are the only ones that know ourselves the best, even though we don't see the way we act from an outside perspective - we are the only ones that know what is happening inside, which is what makes us react or act in a certain way and gives a certain impression to those around us.

2. Use Self-discovery Journal prompts.

Try not to overwhelm yourself with hundreds of questions, start with just 5-10, to gain more clarity on what life are you aspiring to have or what are the things or the relationships you would like to improve.

5 Questions to ask yourself:

  • How are you feeling at this moment?

  • Is there something that is bothering you? (environment, a certain situation, etc.)

  • If you could have any personal quality, what would you wish to have? (more confidence, faith, enthusiasm, etc.)

  • Are you doing what is best for you right now?

  • What makes you genuinely happy?

5 Questions to ask yourself about your life and relationships:

  • Are you living your dream life? If not, How would it look like?

  • Are you doing your dream job, if not, why?

  • Do you have a healthy relationship with yourself (positive self-talk, self-love, healthy eating, etc.)?

  • How good are your relationships with others - your loved ones, best friends, how do they make you feel?

  • Is there anything that you would wish to improve in your life?

3. Make a list of things you would like to try.

If you feel lost and you haven’t found anything yet that you enjoy doing, make a list of a few things you would like to try. At first, choose 1 thing and try to dedicate yourself to it for some time. Set a reasonable period on how long are you going to work on it and give it a try.

Tip. At first, write down everything that pops in your mind, instead of immediately focusing on what you are capable of doing with the resources you have. Otherwise, your mind might find different ways how to make you think that you are not able to do something when in reality there are so many possibilities and ways how you can do what you love and go after your dreams. Yes, even when staying at home, and yes even without having professional resources.

Sometimes all you need is a will and faith, and everything else will fall into place.✨

4. Use a game as a way to discover what is it that you want to improve in your life.

I hope I am not the only person who does this, but when I last played The Sims, I created a sim avatar that looked similar to me, with the same interests as me and I added habits that I wish I had in real life, such as - waking up early, getting enough sleep and other things I wish I had improved in my daily life.

It helped me to realize how I wish my daily life would look like, which is amazing. You can try this with any other games that are similar to the Sims.

5. Stop sabotage yourself before you even have shown your true potential.

Exercise: Whenever an idea pops up in your mind, instead of looking for ways how is it gonna work and telling yourself to forget about it. Do this - Always take a notebook with you. Whenever you have an idea, it doesn't matter how small or big it is - write it down. When you have a free moment, sit down in peace and execute. I believe that there is a reason why certain things, situations, and actions popped on your mind, they might lead you to the experiences you are striving for. Sometimes you just need to believe more in yourself and your ideas, and then see how things are turning out. It is not hard to talk yourself out of something you are not sure about if it's gonna work or not. But, how can you know, if you don't give it a try?

6. Let go of the things that don’t serve you.

And open new doors for new things to come in. When we are so attached to things, certain thinking patterns, habits, beliefs, relationships that no longer are good for our well-being, it becomes like a piece of baggage that is repressing our growth and potential of new possibilities coming into our lives. Because our focus is on the back instead of forward.

Try this positive affirmation, give it a positive thought and energy, and see what happens. ✨

Affirmation credit: https://abundantlybeing.com/

7. Improve your Mindset.

Mindset is everything, same goes with our perceptions. The more open-minded we are, the more opportunities we can find. With the help of journaling, you can have a clear mind on what makes you think negative so that you know what is it that you need to do to change that.

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