8 Tips How To Stop Comparing Yourself to Others.

When it comes to accepting your being as it is and embracing it, the number one thing you should start with is to stop comparing yourself to others.

When we compare ourselves to someone else's life, habits, or success it creates expectations that most likely are not meant for us in the first place because we have our journey and our unique being.

First things first.

Start with discovering the cause of your comparison to someone else. What is it that makes you compare yourself to the other person - is it the lifestyle that person is living? Is it a certain habit that the other person has adapted?

When we compare ourselves to someone else, it most likely means that they have something we wish to have.

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Next important step.

Is it truly something you genuinely feel you want in your life or do you want it just because of how others would most likely react towards it? This is very important because we often tend to want something that we feel like others would accept or react positively towards it instead of asking ourselves first - what do we genuinely think about it.

After you have answered the questions above and you have a clear vision of what it is that causes you comparison and what you need to work on. It's time for 8 tips on how to manage a positive mindset when it comes to stopping yourself from comparing yourself to others.

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1. Learn how to be happy with other people's success and happiness.

Learn how to be happy about others, because why not? I love and enjoy watching people who work hard on their dreams, it inspires me to work on mine too, instead of comparing myself to them.

2. Focus on working on your dreams and goals.

After you know exactly what you desire in your life, it's time to work on that. When you focus on working on the goals and dreams that make you genuinely happy, you don't have time to focus on someone else's journey nor do you have a will to do that.

3. Focus on everything good in your life.

No more pointing out what is negative in your life or a certain situation - start to count more positives. When you focus on everything good in your life, you don't have a will to make a list in your mind of everything negative and compare yourself to others.

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4. Talk to yourself like to someone you dearly love.

Positive self-talk is a MUST. We can be really harsh to ourselves, but when it comes to people that mean so much to us, we tend to act way more different.

How about you talk to yourself like with someone you love, see how it affects the way you feel about yourself and embraces it.

5. Be patient with yourself.

Life is such a journey, with ups and downs, and it is clear as a day that not everything will work out as exactly as you might imagine. But, that's why it is important to learn how to be more open-minded and patient.

''Grow through what you go through'' - unknown

6. Change your perception.

If your current perception of yourself, your life and success make you feel bad, then you must change it. Everything depends on each individual's perception of everything. There is not a single definition of beauty, success, and a good life - it is how you perceive it and what they mean to you.

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7. Have more fun with your journey.

Life is way more fun if you don't take every little detail or struggle so seriously. And this advice comes from a Virgo here. But, I am being totally honest - have fun with your goals, daily day tasks, and thoughts.

When you have fun with your journey, there is no way you will look at someone else's journey and compare it to your own, you will be way too excited and tired of laughing about your own.

8. Learn how to not take everything personally.

It can be very triggering to be in a situation where someone else is being constantly praised while you are not, and it definitely is not okay to experience it on a regular basis. However, the best way how to deal with it is to work on yourself - learn how to boost your confidence, be so confident, that the only opinion that is truly important to you is your own.

Define what beauty means you. Define what being successful means to you and do more what makes you genuinely feel happier.

If you want to share your story of how you overcome comparison, feel free to message me info@sedijalejietebrand.com.

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