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A Simple Personal Development Guide for Beginners. Goal Setting in 2022.

Are you struggling to follow your New Year's resolutions?

Are you feeling unmotivated to even set goals for 2022?

Don't know where to start on improving your life or negative habit?

If yes, this article is for you. Keep reading to find everything you need to start your personal development journey, set your goals, and improve your habits.

1. Get clear on what is holding you back from your dream life & goals

If you want to improve your life, you must get clear on what exactly it is that is holding you back from achieving it. Dig deep into the problem areas of your life. Don't avoid internal factors, if you struggle with a negative mindset, limiting beliefs - you must find positive ways how to resolve them in order to change your life.

Ask yourself the following questions:

What do I want to change about my life, and why?

What is negatively affecting me in life the most?

What am I scared of the most when it comes to my dreams & goals, and why?

What life do I genuinely dream of? Describe it in detail.

Reflect on your previous attempts to achieve your goals, what went wrong, what did you learn from them?

The next step is to take action.

2. Choose the right goal setting technique

Whatever your goal is, whether it is related to something materialistic or internal - start simple. It is so important to choose the right technique for goal-setting that is attainable for you and your daily routine. The simpler it is, the easier it will be to positively solve it and achieve it.

Here are some great goal setting techniques you can try:

SMART goals technique

Specific - Make sure you define your goal as specific and clear as possible.

Measurable - Include something in your goal that you can measure, such as a goal of organizing your desk.

Achievable - Find a goal that you are likely to meet with your current schedule.

Relevant - Make sure that you can meet the goal. Start with one simple goal to adjust to this technique rather than starting with multiple big goals that can make it difficult to follow.

Time-bound - Give your goal an attainable time frame.

Backward Goals technique

Plan in reverse by starting with the end goal and then working your way from there to create a plan of action.

For example, if you have to study a certain topic. Rather than focusing on the first paragraph, you can read about it - start with the conclusion. Then build your knowledge starting from there.

For more examples, check out this article.

3. Create a simple organization system

Finishing daily tasks, work, finding time for socializing, and self-care - can take a toll on you if it is not properly managed. Create a simple organization system to help you manage your time which will make your daily life less stressful and more enjoyable.

For example:

Try Color-coding technique

Create categories for each area of your life - work, personal, meetings, goals, wellness, etc. Then choose a color for each of these categories. The easy way how to color-code your planner is to use Google Calendar.

4. Practice a habit of planning ahead

If there is something important coming up next month, write it down right away. Any upcoming birthdays, new creative ideas, or things you need to buy? Write it all down in your planner. This will help you avoid forgetting it.

Create a to-do list the night before

Reduce stress and prepare yourself for the next day the night before. Create a list of tasks you need to finish the next day. If you have way too much work on your shoulders, write down the top 3 priority tasks instead of 10.

Still, need help to become more productive and organized in 2022?

I got you. I have created a simple Personal Development Guide with worksheets and effective tips on how you can start your personal development journey and make the best out of 2022.

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