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How Negative Mindset Affects Your Body Image?

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

Negative body image can not only come from the pressure of social media and beauty standards, but it can come from a negative mindset as well.

By letting negative thoughts flew in, instead of controlling them, those negative thoughts can start this ongoing cycle of negative thinking that might seem to never end.

This is what it looks like:

Don't let yourself get easily influenced by beauty standards and the idea of changing something about yourself so that you can feel and be acceptable from society's perception. It can potentially get you to the point where you start questioning everything - your looks, behavior, life, social media presence and even develop more serious illnesses.

When it comes to optimistic people, it often even leads to some kind of judgment and phrases like ''that person probably has never had to worry about anything in her/his life'' or ''that person feels too highly of herself/himself''.

Image by Bruce Marc

Interestingly, positive-minded people are often being seen as if they have all figured out. Almost like they are having a 'perfect' life and confidence when in reality the only thing that distinguishes positive-minded people from negative-minded people is the way they are choosing to deal with negative situations, people, and other difficulties.

We all have the same power, to turn our negative emotions into positive ones, despite our different personalities and lives. We all have experienced terrifying and sad events and have had negative thoughts in our minds, despite if our mindset is positive or not. The key is how we deal with it.

Whenever you have a thought that being positive is immature or wrong, ask yourself this - how does my negative mindset is helping me and the situation that I'm in? How is negative thinking benefiting my life and my well-being?

Other ways how negative mindset can affect your body image:

1. By letting in only negative thoughts you will be more sensitive to stressful situations.

The way you think affects your emotions and your emotions affect your behavior. If you feel negative emotions, that negativity can transform into stress and a negative attitude towards daily tasks and those around you. It can affect how you see yourself, how you treat yourself and others.

2. Negativity has many forms, one that can really affect your body image in comparison.

This is nothing new and you have probably heard it dozens of times, but this is a major factor that can affect how we look at ourselves. The more you see one or two specific things that others do - the you start to believe that you should do that too.

I mean the influence of beauty standards...

Raise your hand if you have ever thought 10 times more about the photo you wanted so badly to post but you are not sure anymore if it's good enough for Instagram. Raise your hand if you have genuinely felt bad about the way you look because of seeing a certain type of look and body type on social media.

I raised, did you?

By realizing where that negative body image comes from you already are one step or even more steps forward positive body image.

This might seem like I wrote it with humor, while at the same time it is actually a problem that still exists in society and the result of it is really bad. All the trend-following stuff and being influenced by beauty standards have resulted in cyberbullying, depression, and any other serious illness.

But there is a way out of that potentially harmful and negative bubble.

Here is an example of how a positive thinking cycle works:

Even a small step as saying something positive about yourself can make you feel better and more positive.

Everyone experiences their own problems and any other negative events, but we all have the same choice - to choose the way we react to that negativity, do we let it in, or deal with it with positivity.

Number 1 tip to start improving your negative mindset

The best and most effective way how to improve your mindset is to start the inner work. Dig deep into the reasons behind negative mindset and once you are aware of them - it's time to start finding positive ways how to deal with them.

Don't know where to start? I got you. I have created printables, including tips and personal methods that can help you transform your mindset and become more positive.

Peace, love, and light to everyone who is currently struggling with a negative mindset, I hope I encouraged you to take steps towards positive thinking. And, have an amazing day!

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