How to NOT Lose your Self-Identity on Social Media.

Disclaimer: Everything that I have stated in this blog post is based on my personal opinion and experiences, and what has helped me to have a more positive perspective on everything that comes with social media.

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I used to find myself following different trends I thought were cool and I still think there are many cool trends out there, but now I have a completely different perspective on them. Many years ago, I was really confused about what I liked, as I was focused on what is trending or more recognized on the media and it applied to what clothing I was wearing, what type of photos I posted, or how I sometimes even tried to interact with others. The words ''cool'' and ''beautiful'' had a different meaning for me. We all have something that makes us - us, and it can be easily overlooked if we are giving so much power in being influenced by others' opinions on what is cool, beautiful, or worth to be talked about on everyone else's perspective than our own. It is so easy to have our identity is influenced by what we see on social media. You might not even realize it until you take a step back from it and reflect on the choices you are willing to make.

So, here is how to perceive social media in a more positive way:

1. Trends and Beauty standards.

If you use a certain trend as a way to fit in or for any other reason than trying it as a way to express yourself, it can negatively affect your self-identity in the long term. The same goes with beauty standards if you use them as a way to hide your natural beauty or look like someone else, instead of having fun with it. The feeling without any of it will potentially make you feel not beautiful.

More positive perception: ✨: before you see a trend that you like or would like to try, eliminate if that is something you want for yourself, or because of a will to be accepted or look trendy. Try to have a light heart and an open mind whenever you try something new, especially if you have seen someone else doing it.

2. Comparison.

Although there are a lot of people who are also sharing their struggles and bringing awareness of not so positive sides of life, the overall theme of social media is still the same - full of positive moments, a lot of editing, but that is okay if you look at it in a more positive perception instead of comparing your life to someone else's.

We can't compare ourselves to others by just seeing someone eases life on social media - the editing, the message, and the overall representation is always something that the person is choosing to show, as we all are.

More positive perception:

✨: Whenever you see someone else's photo that you really like. Remember that people have their own perceptions of beauty, on what is good or bad, which results in their actions. Everyone posts what they are willing to share with others, capturing just a few moments of their lives, leaving the rest behind the scenes.

✨: If seeing someone successful makes you feel like a failure - change your perception of what success means to you. Caring for yourself at difficult times is a success and being yourself is also a success.

3. Social Media.

Social media is a great platform that can either inspire you, create the life you want or it can do the opposite.

More positive perception:

✨: Look at the platform as a way to connect with like-minded people, express yourself or your ideas. You can do it by making sure the content you see is making you feel genuinely good instead of bad about being yourself.

✨: Let the algorithm know what content is inspiring you to be your best version, not other’s perception of what the best version means for them.

✨: Let the algorithm know what content is better for your well-being by following people that uplift you instead of making you feel negative about yourself.

4. Fear of being Judged.

Don't be afraid to be yourself! There will always be someone who will either judge you by saying openly negative things about yourself or in their minds, so you might as well be whom you want to be and stay true to yourself. There are people who believe so much in their own judgment of others that they think it is important to let you know that when it actually is letting you know more about them. More positive perception: ✨: There is so much beauty and power in being yourself, instead of pretending to be like a different person. I personally love seeing people confident, sharing their interests, and embracing their personality, because it is inspiring. ✨: Own your power and show the world yourself the way you are instead of what you are not. It will be such a relief to come to the point where you own what you are and are no longer willing to feel the need for other's validation.

5. Engagement.

I used to have the perception of receiving likes as a way to be validated by others. Whenever I received a few likes, I thought that maybe I should delete that content, because that means it isn't good. But the moment I changed how I perceived it, I had more fun and happiness with whatever I was creating. More positive perception: ✨: There will always be a like-minded person who will understand you and your content, don't try to focus on the numbers so much. I hope this post encouraged you to look at social media in a more positive way and to express yourself more.

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