Positive reflection of 2020: How to stay positive.

Are you currently struggling with finding anything positive in a negative situation or experience? Or are you looking for ways how to positively reflect on this year? If yes, keep reading to find out how you can do it.

This year has been full of negative surprises and stressful situations. It would be easy to pinpoint all the negatives and have a negative mindset about them, but that is not what we are focusing on. Instead, we are here to positively reflect on changes the year has brought into our lives, both negative and positive.

Why it is important to positively reflect on this year

As mentioned, this year has been very challenging, and most of the time in a not so positive way to say the least. But, if you are projecting all your energy towards negativity and adapting a negative mindset, it can affect your well-being and how you make decisions. It can also negatively affect your relationships with those around you and how you perceive life in general.

The good news is that you are capable of changing your mindset, which can improve many aspects of your life, but most importantly get you through a rough time such as this year.

There are three things that can help you to positively reflect on negative past experiences.


If you have a roof over your head, food in the refrigerator, and a place to feel safe - You are blessed. Don't take these things for granted as someone somewhere in the world is currently in the cold, starving, and in an unsafe environment.

If you know someone who is in a not so good situation, please don't hesitate to help, even positive thoughts and prayers count.


You have overcome many obstacles and negative situations in the past, and you are capable of overcoming your current obstacles which this year has brought. If you are currently jobless or stressed about some things in your life, try to focus on what you can do about the situation. Its time to find and release your inner strength.

Positive outlook

A positive mindset is a choice, such as choosing to have faith in better times ahead.

Someone close in my life is currently ill because of the virus, and I could easily over-stress about how life is unfair and imagine all the possible negative outcomes it can result in, but I won't. This doesn't mean that I am not worried, because I am - I just try to project my energy into positive ways how I can deal with the situation. I choose to hope for positive outcomes. That is the power of a positive mindset.

Being in a negative mindset or spreading negativity won't help to improve the situation in any way shape, or form.

Let's be kind to ourselves and others. Support those in need and be cautious of our actions. Believe that better days are coming.

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