#Let’s talk: Positive Body Image, Adele's transformation + update on my collection.

Disclaimer: I won't post here any photos from the transformation, as they have already circled all over the internet. This post is meant to bring more awareness to bullying and negative body image perceptions.

Today I decided to share my thoughts on Adele's transformation that so many people are still talking about on the internet, the issue that comes with it, and to also give you a little update on what is going on with my first clothing collection.

As I mentioned above, in the past few months, there has been a lot of talk about Adele's transformation. I think that it fits perfectly in today's topic about body positivity, and people`s opinions around it.

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The transformation itself isn't the problem in my opinion, it's how people view it that made me want to share my thoughts on it as I am quite enthusiastic about positivity and positive body image.

I have made some notes I would love to share my opinion about and hopefully encourage someone to not be afraid of other people's judgment when it comes to loosing weight and being an advocate of body positivity.

Not everyone who has decided to lose weight is doing it based purely on beauty standards.

A lot of comments consisted of people making it seem like Adele`s transformation was definitely impacted by beauty standards.

People are so used to being validated by the way they look and being impacted by beauty standards. Whenever someone undergoes a massive change to their bodies or overall appearance, people instantly think it is a result of trying to fit in, rather than to improve ones health.

I used to have this perception myself, and from what I have read and heard over the years, this is a very common issue.

When it comes body positivity, you can still be body positive if you are working on improving your health, such as if the goal is to loose weight. Whatever makes you feel genuinely good both mentally and physically, is what body positivity is all about in my opinion. There should not be specific requirements to be an advocate of body positivity.

Be aware of your actions when commenting your assumptions about someone else's health and appearance.

I have read so many negative comments where people are negatively assuming her intentions behind loosing weight. Even if they comment out of concern, instead of verbally attacking someone, people should be more kind and supportive. She is a human being like we all are, imagine being someone who has worked very hard to improve their health and reading all the negative comments.

The Issue.

A lot of people's perception of body positivity actually isn't aligning with changing your body for the better, or doing any sort of changes at all. It will often just be linked to automatically trying to fit into the beauty standards.

So if anyone who has ever praised body positivity starts to work on improving their health by eating healthy and working out which will most likely result in weight loss, the majority assume they are not body positive anymore. This is what seemed to happen in Adele`s case. As she lost the weight, people assumed she was not body positive but rather just tried to be skinnier as to fit into the beauty standards. It is reported that her personal trainer said that this was not the case, as it was for the purpose of being healthy, but people still seemed to think she went against what she once had advocated for.

And that's on having a negative perception on body positivity. Everything that positively impacts our health and well being is body positive. If you are working on improving your health and well being, in whatever body shape you are, you are body positive.

Adele looks beautiful either way, same as you, and everyone else. Why are people still being validated by their appearance based on so many perceptions of beauty that have been impacted by beauty standards?

Update on my collection.

Due to the current event, the fabric is closed for 2 weeks, so it means the process of creating the collection has currently put on hold. But, I can't wait to finally see finished designs and I can't wait even more to show you what I have planned to launch for years.

Before you go, here is a positive reminder.✨

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