#Let's talk: Self-Love & Positive Tips How To Maintain it.

Self-love is such an important part when it comes to one's well-being and it is amazing to see how much this topic is being talked about around the world. But, it still can be difficult to love yourself when the pressure from the media and society is still so strong.

If you have been struggling with defining what self-love means to you and how to maintain it, we got you. In collaboration with two amazing and beautiful women, we have created a post to share positive tips on how you can maintain the love for yourself.

Kandice K


“Making yourself a priority is not selfish. It's necessary.“

Kandice's thoughts on self-love and tips how to maintain it.

For me, a true self-love journey means putting yourself first, taking breaks, and setting boundaries so that you can become the person, you need. During these unprecedented times, the importance of your life has become a turning point for many people to begin loving themselves in more than one way. Self-love is beyond feeling good externally (which is always great by the way) but it is also about taking care of your mental state. For far too long, mental health has been a secondary concern for many women, which has had complications on their journey for self-development, however, nowadays people are recognizing that mental health is equally as important as your physical health.

Your self-love journey is what you make of it, whether it means reading a book, talking to someone, shopping, helping someone else and so forth they all contribute to the development of self-love, as we begin to take part in positive actions that help us grow and become better people.

Unfortunately, there are several reasons which cause young women to be at greater risk of mental ill-health such as online culture, social media, etc. To help ease the pressure, sometimes it is as simple as putting your phone down or limiting your social media time to prevent yourself from feeling overwhelmed and unappreciated.

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Elizabeth M


“Loving yourself isn't vanity, it's sanity.” - Katrina Mayer

Elizabeth's thoughts on self-love and tips how to maintain it.

We all have a tendency to put our own well-being on the back burner, putting others’ needs above our own. And sometimes we're just too dang hard on ourselves. So, it’s imperative to have some self-love tricks up your sleeve to lift yourself up. For me, meditation is hands down the best thing you can do for yourself.

Meditation allows me to shut out the external world and nurture my inner world. It's the best way to intimately know and appreciate your beautiful self!

I also make it a daily practice to expose myself to motivational or positive material. Anything that allows me to expand my mind or improve my life in some way. Whether that’s a book, seminar, article, documentary, or motivational video. Growing your mind = Empowerment. It’s truly an amazing way to pump yourself up, improve your self-esteem, and take your life to the next level. Hopefully, my favorite go-to self-love tips can help you along the way on your own journey. Enjoy!

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Big thanks to these amazing women who agreed to share their thoughts and ways on how they maintain self-love. If you want to share yours, message me on info@sedijalejietebrand.com.

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