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Practicing the Hygge Lifestyle: How It Can Lead to Happiness

The word hygge, pronounced as "hoo-ga", is a Danish word for the quality of coziness (= feeling warm, comfortable, and safe) that comes from doing simple things such as lighting candles, baking, or spending time at home with your family, recording to Cambridge English Dictionary.

So, perfect word of lifestyle for cold seasons – Fall and Winter. But, not only. The hygge lifestyle you can do throughout the year. That is the way the Danish people live, and their country is one of the happiest in the world.

How can you incorporate the hygge lifestyle into your everyday life, and how this can help bring you happiness? To find out, continue reading. :)

Small steps can lead to big changes.

This statement also works in this case. You need to include an activity or thing that fits a hygge lifestyle every day to progress your practice and lead you closer to happiness. They are many. That's why we first need to clarify what isn't hygge before we start to name everything that is.

What's not?

1. Continuous use of the phone or computer throughout the day

By using these gadgets, most likely, you won't feel any calmness and comfort. Why? Because it takes out of you all your energy, and you thought already that this would be scrolling through social media, which often represents negativeness and feeling terrible about yourself. PLEASE, SWITCH IT OFF!

2. Being a workaholic

How can you relax if you work all the time and think only of work? It is recommended to plan your time for all day. So, you can set aside even half an hour or an hour for yourself, which takes a big part of this type of lifestyle.

3. Spending money on things you don't need just to be on-trend

Hygge lifestyle is more about the atmosphere. Overloading your home with decorations is the opposite of it, as it can create an overwhelming feeling, and it can get hard to manage. The simpler - the better. Choose wisely the things that bring you that ''hygge feeling'' -feeling of comfort and joy.

What are the things that are part of the hygge lifestyle?

Everything that makes you happy, comfortable, cozy, loved, and so on.


  • CANDLES. Those take a big part of hygge lifestyle. Thousands and thousands of candles are burned in Danish homes every year. What's so special about them? They add warmth, coziness, comfy touch.

  • BLANKETS AND PILLOWS. To achieve maximum comfort and support for your tired body, you need as many pillows as possible. But to feel even better, you need a lot of fluffy, soft blankets. You can wrap yourself in them like a child and maybe even take a short nap.

  • COMFORTABLE CLOTHES AND SOCKS. You can't feel free and unforced by being in clothes for outside of home usage. So, get your best-oversized pj's and softest socks, and be at your comfiest!

  • WARM DRINKS AND SNACKS. We all have five senses, and it is significant to employ everything here, including taste. And how to compensate for it? Of course, with warm teas and cookies. Also, make sure to use cute cups and plates because it will improve everything even more.

  • BOOKS, BOOKS, BOOKS. As we have said before, it is not recommended to use the phone or computer all day, then to fill your free time, you can read a book of choice. Of course, you need it in paper format. So, if you don't have one, make sure to run to your closest bookstore and buy!

I could name more and more stuff you can include in your everyday lifestyle to resemble a more hygge. But, I think you can notice what else can be mentioned. All this will lead you to a much happy look at life itself – just take small steps!

In the comments section, write down if you already live a "hygge" lifestyle and, if so, what you would recommend others to do. I and the others will want to hear your answer! :)

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