The Number 1 Reason Why You Should Love Yourself First.

Disclaimer: Everything that is written in this blog post is based on my personal experience and my beliefs.

You have probably heard this phrase way too many times, and you are probably slowly moving your ‘’arrow’’ to exit this post. But DON’T!

I believe I have found a great way how to shortly explain the number one reason for why it is so important to love yourself, and how it affects your relationships with others.

I think it’s a common thing to crave love from someone else, instead of working on giving it to ourselves. This isn’t good for your well being, because you think that you are worthy of love and appreciation only when that other person is giving it to you. Thing is, any relationship can come to a point where love and appreciation is close to, if not fully void of love and appreciation.

What happens then? Either you start to blame yourself, feeling like it was your fault or you accept the situation as it is, let it go and you start to focus on your well being.

For a long time, whenever I heard this phrase I didn’t fully understand what it meant. Love yourself first, that seems so clear and straightforward right? Is it really though?

So, what is The Number 1 Reason why you should love yourself first?

When you love yourself first, you respect yourself enough to demand the same amount of love and appreciation from others in your life as you give out to them, nothing less. You don’t have time for people who treat you badly, because you know your self-worth and what is best for you.

When you truly love someone, you do whatever is in your power to make that other person happy. The reason being that you care, and even when things are not going well you try to find ways to make the situation better. Is that right?

But when it comes to loving ourselves, why do we look at it differently? Why don’t we do whatever is in on our power to make ourselves happy too? Whenever something negative happens, why don’t we give ourselves the love and encouragement that we would give to the other person that we love?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with giving so much of yourself - your love, time and energy for someone you love, unless you give it also for yourself. You deserve the same love and appreciation you give freely to those who you love.

This is not meant to talk negative about people who have treated you badly, they so as we are having their own battles to fight and the best thing we can do is to wish everyone the best, send positive vibes and move on focusing on dealing with our own battles.

I hope I encouraged you to make that step towards self-love journey. And please don't ever feel ashamed of being yourself, stay positive and keep going! I hope you are doing great today and every other day, and till the next time.

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