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The TRUTH behind Positive Mindset - How to Develop it.

Updated: May 13, 2020

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Positive affirmations, always looking for a bright side, a way of avoiding problems - there are quite a few myths and misconceptions about a positive mindset. So, I would love to share my honest opinion on it, because I have been naturally an optimistic person pretty much my whole life, at the same time positive thinking has always been a choice of mine that doesn't come so naturally.

What is the difference between Optimism and Positive thinking?

Although these two are very similar, optimism is more like a personality trait that you have born with it, while positive thinking is more like a choice.

The truth about being an optimistic person with a tendency towards choosing positive thinking.

Optimism is something that comes to me naturally, which means my first reactions towards everything tend to be in a more optimistic way - the most common type of reaction is humor.

But, what is helping me to maintain a positive mind is to choose positive thinking. Having a strong will to stay positive, to see the positive side, and to find ways how to deal with it positively - is what has helped me to improve my mindset and well-being so much in times where situations themselves have been far from positive.

When it comes to optimists, the most common way how we deal with difficult situations is by reacting to it with humor. I have cached myself multiple times reacting to uncomfortable situations with humor, as I have also seen so many other optimists doing the same. Humor is what makes people's day better and is a great way to stay in a good mental state even when being under pressure. I agree that there are situations where if someone is having this type of reaction in a negative situation while another person is in an opposite state of mind, laughing can be easily misinterpreted as rude or offensive. But it is very important to note, that we have our ways how we deal with difficulties, same as with people who tend to have a high level of stress, what we all need to do is to be more understanding and open-minded to each other and the fact that everyone deals with life differently.

2 Most common misconceptions about positive-minded people that I have personally heard of:

1. Those are people who have never struggled in life or they have everything they need, that's why they always seem happy.

False. Like everyone else, I have gone through some serious difficulties throughout my life and what I have mentioned above - a positive mindset is a choice, a one that has personally been very beneficial to my mental state.

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2. It seems like they live in a fantasy world, not seeing life as it is and avoiding every problem that comes in their way.

This all comes from each individual's perception of life and difficult situations. It's how you react to what life is to you, how you use what you have and how you view yourself. In my opinion, life itself has never been tough, it's us who make it that way. Do I personally choose to see positive in the world and people? Yes. Does it mean I don't see anything negative in it? Absolutely untrue, I see it, I just chose where I want my focus to be on.

The KEY to developing a Positive Mindset - A More Positive Perception.

I think if you strongly believe in Positive Affirmations and put a strong positive intention towards it, then this method can potentially work. But what can work even better is to discover positivity for yourself, find the positives in situations, life, and difficulties. As a result, you will found your why and positive affirmations will help you to maintain that positive energy.

To change your mindset - it all should start with how you perceive life, negative situations, others,and etc. If you don't start to work on that, it will be so difficult to adapt to the positive way of thinking, because you don't see a reason why you should stay positive in a particular situation.

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How to improve your mindset?

1. Look at the positive side of your situation:

  • Try to find something positive in every situation, if the situation itself isn't positive, focus on the ways you can deal with it positively.

  • Try to read more Positive News.

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2. Reflect on everything, and design your dream life.

  • Write down about your current life, all the negatives, positives, what do you do, where you live and then evaluate what is it that you want to change in your life? or in yourself?

  • Create a vision board.

3. Practice how you receive negative news or deal with negative situations and people.

  • Discover Stress-relief activities that work for you.

  • Start to write a journal, write down everything that makes you feel negative, and start step by step working towards getting rid of that negativity.

  • Start to work on adapting a new, more positive way how to react to anything negative.

4. Express Yourself:

  • Experiment with creative ways how to express yourself, seek out what makes you feel joy and passion.

5. Discover perceptions that are good for your well-being.

  • Discover different positive perspectives from books, other people and listen to your heart.

Book recommendation:

The book ''#Girlboss'' by Sophia Amoruso.

You have probably seen or heard about this book dozens of times, but, if you have been wondering to read it or not - I recommend you to check it out.

It is an inspiring and empowering book if you need that extra motivation to go after your dreams and the life you want.

Although there are so many rebellious acts in the series ''Girlboss'', it can teach us that you don't have to have certain qualities to be able to achieve your dreams, and that is what I love about the series.

If you are interested in the book, You can get it here.

I hope this post cleared out some misconceptions about a positive mindset and encouraged you to seek out positivity. There is always something positive in your life even at times when it doesn't seem like it. I hope you are staying safe and I am sending a lot of positive vibes.✨

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