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The Ultimate Guide to Maintain Positivity, Balance, and Mental Health in 2022.

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

It's a new year which means - new possibilities and ways to discover how to better our well-being, mindset, and balance our lives.

Here is an ultimate guide for you to make this year YOUR year despite everything that is going on around the world.

Your truth is a result of your perception of life and your beliefs. If you think you have time for a self-care activity - you have. If you think you don't have time for it - you are right as well. Our thoughts and perceptions create our reality.

Start with a positive mindset

As an optimist myself, I have noticed a few techniques I've been using throughout the years that have worked for me in uncertain times.

Visualization technique - Visualize a positive outcome. Works very well if used before encountering a negative situation. F.ex. Before meeting someone you had an argue with.

Shift your perspective - If you can't see anything good in a negative situation, look out for positive ways to deal with it.

Gratitude technique - Be grateful and focus on the things you have in your life. It will change your mood, and you will see more possibilities to solve any issue you are going through.

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Self-care tips on bad mental health days

Life can surprise us in tremendous ways bringing chaos un stress into our lives. It is normal to have bad mental health days. Here is the list of 8 self-care tips and activities you can try on a bad mental health day:

1. 5-Minute meditation - A great way how to calm your mind on a busy day. Try Headspace app, it offers 5-Minute meditations for free.

2. Take a nap - Sometimes all your body needs is extra sleep. After hours of working or dealing with a stressful situation, you absolutely deserve it!

3. Breathing exercise - Take a deep breath to simply relax for a moment and release stress.

4. Do something that brings you joy - take time to do something that you genuinely enjoy doing.

5. Go for a walk - Fresh air and nature can do wonders for your mood and wellbeing.

6. Be more present - Make a tea and sit down for a moment to be more present.

7. Be kind to yourself - There is nothing wrong with having bad mental health days, take it easy on yourself and be kind.

8. Go with the flow - Be open to going with the flow throughout the day without pressuring yourself to be productive, if you don't feel like it. Your mental health is your priority.

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How to bring more balance into your life

Even though it feels like the world is currently ''a bit chaotic'', we still can make small changes to bring more balance into our lives. These are my 3 favorite tips you can use to bring more balance into your life at this time:

1. Get rid of all the things that you no longer need/use. When the home is full of unnecessary things it is hard to sometimes even think clear. Even harder to create some balance into your daily life. So, take small steps towards clearing the space around you, trust me it will help you to clear your mind as well.

2. Include self-care as a goal in your to-do list, which means a planned time for self-care. Give your attention to that goal like for any other and set up a time for it on your calendar.

3. Have an open mind on the decisions and plans you have made. Go more with the flow. Especially at this time. It is okay if something takes another direction, it is okay if you feel like your life is out of control, we are in this together. You got this!

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