Toxic Positivity: What it is and How to Avoid it?

As a positivity enthusiast and optimist, spreading positivity towards others has always been a huge part of my life. Despite this, I have both heard and read many opinions about a positive mindset being toxic, and I want to share my opinion on it as well.

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Like many other things, positivity can have a negative effect on people too. That being, if the intention behind it is to avoid every problem and negative emotion instead of solving them. Contrary to this, I don’t think spreading positivity itself can ever be seen as toxic, especially among all the negativity that exists in this world. The only potential problem is how it’s being spread in a certain situation, and also how it`s being perceived in a certain situation.

Dealing with our emotions is important, such as finding positive ways to cope with triggering situations. That is exactly what I always try to spread with my positive messages.

4 Important things to avoid when it comes to positive thinking:

1. Don't avoid problems without solving them.

This is a crucial one because it tends to be the reason for positive thinking being seen as toxic. This applies to people thinking that they can simply avoid their problems, and expect them to go away by themselves, just by thinking positively. The truth is, you must work with your problems and solve them, a positive mindset can be only used as a tool to help you get there.

2. Don't constantly use self-deprecating humor.

Having a laugh at yourself from time to time often radiates positive emotions. But, by using self-deprecating humor too often, saying things like ''I`m not good at anything'', you can risk that it eventually stays with you, and you start to believe it`s true.

3. Don't ignore your emotions.

This is also an especially important note to take into consideration when speaking of positive thinking. ''Just think happy thoughts'' is not good advice. When we avoid our emotions, they, unfortunately, do not disappear, instead, they keep growing inside of us until there comes a day when it all becomes too much, and everything comes out like a storm.

So, please be aware of your emotions both good and bad. Take as much time as you need to positively deal with them. If needed, reach out to a professional helping hand.

4. Don't expect positive thinking to be simple.

Positive thinking is a choice, also for optimists like me. It`s not always an easy choice, but I cannot begin to tell you how powerful it can be. You might be surprised how well if used properly, it can help in solving problems and dealing with emotions or any other negativity.

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I hope this post was useful to you and it opened a new perspective on the toxic side of positive thinking, and how you can avoid it. If you have a story you want to share with others, please contact me:

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