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11 Valentine's Day Self-Care Ideas You Must Try. + Cute Hand-Made Gift Ideas.

If you are looking for self-care ideas you can do at home by yourself or with your partner - this article is for you.

This year Valentine's day will be on Monday, which means it's a no-sleep all-day kind of day, however, you can still surprise yourself and your partner with a self-care activity. Don't have any ideas on what you can do?

Here is a list of 11 self-care activities you can try with your partner at home this Valentine's day. Also, at the end of the blog post, you will find a small list of hand-made gift ideas for Valentine's day.

1. Self-care ritual

Create a self-care ritual where you and your partner try face masks, foot masks, or something you haven't tried before. Get some snacks, and watch a great movie. Pampering yourself is always a great idea as it is something that we tend to forget due to work or busy life.

2. Create Valentine's day sweets

Try out a new recipe and make Valentine's day themed sweets - cookies, cake, doughnuts, etc. Or even better - make something together for Valentine's day celebration.

3. Write a love letter

This is an amazing way to show love and gratitude to your partner, or if you are single - for yourself. Write down all the things you admire about your lover, how proud you are, or about the amazing memories you wish to do again.

You can make a handmade card or create it on Canva for free.

4. Go for a romantic walk

Find a beautiful place and go for a romantic walk with your partner. You can plan a little trip, deciding the walking route with small surprises along the way.

5. Wine, boarding games, self-care baths

Another great way to spend Valentine's day with your partner. Get some wine, boarding games you can play together. Take a bath together with burning candles next to it and chill music in the background.

6. Photoshoot time

Find matching outfits and take some photos together, because why not. If you are spending Valentine's day alone or with your friends - you can get much more creative with this photoshoot - Pinterest is the place to look for photoshoot ideas.

7. Gift idea

Give each other a task of getting a small gift for Valentine's day that reminds you of each other - preferably, something funny.

8. Date night

Re-create your first date or create a date night you've never had. Decorate your place if you are planning on spending Valentine's day at home, or if not - find a cute cafeteria or public place.

9. Give each other a massage

This self-care activity is great for relieving stress and a cute cost-free gift for you and your partner.

10. Do something you both have wanted to do for a long time

This is a perfect opportunity to finally do that thing you both have wanted to do - if it is to go somewhere but you don't have time to go for it today - at least start planning the trip together. Or if you have a dream together - make a vision board of it.

11. Host a Girl's Night

For my amazing single ladies out there - spending time with your bestie, doing all kinds of self-care activities on Valentine's day is always a great idea.

Hand-made gift ideas for yourself or your loved ones

  • Create Valentine's day gift basket, Including your or your loved one's favorite things and snacks they love;

  • Create an empowering college for yourself or your bestie of cool photos and quotes that describe her best qualities;

  • Make something cute - either something for dinner, a drink, or something artsy;

  • Sneak in heart-shaped chocolate in your loved one's bag or pocket - it will be a fun and cute surprise.

Where to get inspiration? Pinterest.

Where to do amazing designs? Canva.

If you are focusing on boosting self-love on this day but don't know where to start? recommend you to check out these printables:

I hope this article was useful and gave you some great ideas on how to spend your Valentines' day this year. Let me know in the comments down below what are you planning to try.

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