Virtual Wellness 2021 - Virtual Therapy, Meditation, and more.

Disclaimer: Everything stated in this blog post is my personal opinion.

Virtual wellness has been a major trend since the pandemic started which is not a surprise. Taking into consideration how easy and available it is to bring wellness practices into our homes via the internet.

Wellness practices like therapy, yoga, fitness, meditation - you name it, whatever it is that you want to do - are a few clicks away and easily accessible.

Keep reading to find out more ideas on how to bring more wellness into your daily life.

Meditation is a wellness practice that not only helps to release stress but it also helps to improve focus and bring more awareness of our surroundings. This practice has been used for centuries and is an amazing way how to take care of your mental well-being.

List of free online meditation classes you must try:

1. Free Mindfulness exercises at They have a great list of different mindfulness courses you can start today for free.

2. Free 7-Day Online Mindfulness course by Udemy. Find out more here.

3. Free meditation videos on Calm youtube channel.

The past two years have been difficult for all of us in so many ways. With everything that is going on, the restrictions and lockdowns... In some places, it can be challenging to deal with mental health due to the current situation. If this is your situation and you are looking for ways how to reach therapists online, these sites might be useful for you.

List of online therapy sites:

1. 7 Cups online therapy website provides community Q&A so that you can find the answers you might be looking for. The online community is free to access however to chat with a licensed therapist is in a high price range.

2. If you are looking for a quick talk eTheraphyPro might be a great option. They offer 3 days for free.

3. Issues I Face is an online therapy site. As they have stated on their site they provide free communication with mentors.

If you have been going through a rough time and have concerning thoughts, please don't hesitate to seek help. If you don't have anyone to talk to - I'm here for you.

Youtube is one of the best places where to lookup free workouts, the options are endless. Starting from 5-minute workouts til free workout programs created by healthy lifestyle enthusiasts.

And, speaking of free workout challenges - Chloe Ting is the one to go to for a great and challenging workout program. Not only she provides free workout videos, but she also provides an easier exercise option in every video.

To check out Chloe's workout program click here.

If you are interested in free 7-day wellness challenges that you can easily do home, I got you. You can find them here.

Please let me know in the comments down below if you found this post helpful and share your wellness tips. Wishing you an amazing day and stay safe.

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